Below are the most common questions that we answer regarding our paperwork arrangers:

I have ordered from Century Business Solutions in the past and want to make sure that these paperwork arrangers are the same that I have ordered in the past?
In short, our traditional version has the exact same product specifications as the ones that used to be manufactured by Century Business Solutions and their affiliated companies. 

Our premium version has the same functionality, but has a more rigid back.

We are happy to send you a sample of one or both versions. Simply call us at 877-DR-STUFF.

Is Doctor Stuff connected to Century Business Solutions in any way?
Absolutely not. Doctor Stuff has been in business for over 20 years and is a small, family run business.  Like you, we've been saddened by the demise of Century Business Solutions and their related companies (Century Photo, New Century Direct, File Rite, and NCD) and especially how they have treated their customers, including numerous Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau complaints over the last several years. 

That said, we have happily satisfied many former Century Business Solutions customers who were looking for an alternate supplier.

Do you have paperwork arrangers in stock?
On normal orders (generally about 5 to 10 packages), product is in stock and orders are shipped within 2-3 days from the day that they are received.  As with any product, sometimes we do run out and the item is back-ordered.  If this happens, we will let you know within a few days of your order so that we can work with you to meet your needs. Frequently we will offer an upgrade to the premium version at our cost, or will substitute out a new color.

What's the difference between the traditional Paperwork Arranger and the premium Paperwork Arranger?
The only physical difference between the two products is the weight of the vinyl back.  The back for the Paperwork Arranger has a 13-gauge heavy-duty back construction.  The back of the premium version is more rigid and has a slightly thicker 15-gauge back.  Both have a clear front and function in the same manner.

In addition to the physical differences, there are other factors which may sway you to the traditional vs. the premium, or vice versa.

Tradtional version: Available in limited solid color packages and assorted packages, also available in legal size and a tabbed version. Ships from the west coast.

Premium version: Available in many solid color choices (13 choices), but not available in the assorted pack.  Not available in legal size or tabbed version.  Ships from the east coast.

We are happy to send you a sample of one or both versions. Simply call us at 877-DR-STUFF.

I have a large order.  Can I get special colors made?
If you have a large order or a small order and want something that you don't see on the website, please call us at 877-DR-STUFF.  We will check with our plants to see if they are doing any special runs and will see if we can add on to it.

Does Doctor Stuff sell other products that were sold by Century Business Solutions?
If you have a particular need for a product that was sold by Century Business Solutions, please call us at 877-DR-STUFF so that we can discuss it.  No guarantees, but we will try to find you a solution.

Can we place orders with a Purchase Order?
If you need to use a purchase order, please call us at 877-DR-STUFF so that we can help process your order.